A Stronger Us Means A Stronger Omega for Stronger Communities


Career Development

  • We will create a professional networking database that will give brothers access to each other on the basis of location and professional backgrounds. This will also allow brothers to post employment opportunities. 
  • Scholarly articles and professional postings from both brothers and non-members will enable brothers to stay abreast of the latest professional developments in their fields as well as provide our undergraduates with a roadmap of how to navigate to their desired professional destination. 
  • We will create and develop a professional mentor network that will allow successful brothers in different industries to mentor other brothers and to help them develop necessary skill sets.

Educational Development

  • Brothers will be eligible for stipends to assist with the costs of GMAT, GRE, MCAT, and LSAT courses.
  • Brothers who holding advanced professional degrees will be asked to mentor those brothers applying to those fields.
  • Brothers who aspire to advance in education as administrators (endeavoring to become principals or superintendents) will have access to training and support by brothers established in those fields.

Harnessing Omega's Political Power

  • We will establish an Omega PAC to support brothers interested in local public service. Brothers will have access to invaluable training on community organizing, cultivating successful strategic plans, building a campaign, fundraising and development. 


  • 2nd District Military Might - An initiative to cultivate to facilitate opportunity for greater interaction between Omega's military brothers and the general body. One of the functions would be to provide information and support for brothers who are interested in the various branches of military. This initiative will also provide input in the review of nominees for the 2nd District Colonel Charles Young Military Service Award. All active and inactive military brothers will be invited to participate as part of this committee.
  • Education Advancement - An initiative intended to engage Omega men in the conversation around education of our youth in urban communities across the 2nd District on all levels. We have parents, teachers, principals, and superintendents among our ranks. Omega should have a consistent presence and a respected voice in our schools.
  • District Chaplain Committee - An initiative that will support the theological and ministerial aims of our brothers who are clergy and aspiring men of the cloth. Brothers will have the opportunity to be mentored by Omega men with churches or access to information on how to achieve their goals. 

Through working closely with the 1st Vice District Representative, these initiatives will be enacted and central features of our annual James S. Avery Shirtsleeve Conference.